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Editorial Desk

Editorial Desk


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Billy Allan is the founding partner of Aliter Capital - a investment firm focused on growing small and mid-sized UK support service companies. His...

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Digital Health startup - Thriva - is a use-at-home mail order blood testing kit helping people have better control over their health. Thriva offers the...

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The number one priority for startups and most businesses is accessing finance especially when it's needed to get the business start up and running. For...
Twipes Wet Wipes

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Student entrepreneurs Ellenor McIntosh and Alborz Bozorgi are using their invention - Twipes - to tackle Britain's environmental issues around 'flushable' wet wipes and...
Brand Logo

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Your brand logo is the face of the company and ultimately defines your entire business. Designing your business logo is the perfect opportunity to...
Low-Carbon Startup

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Starting a business can be a daunting prospect for any young entrepreneur - Let alone building a low-carbon startup with its own set of...

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Creating a strong and effective PR or marketing campaign doesn’t always require a large budget - With research and a few DIY strategies you...
Seed Funding

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Matthew de la Hey of inploi - a jobs network for the hospitality industry - shares the fundraising story of his tech startup, which recently closed...
Equity Crowdfunding

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For young investors looking to enter the world of crowdfunding as your first investment venture - We invited Luke Lang, co-founder of leading equity...
Soft Launching

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Soft Launching - After years of hard work, long days and funding red tape, you’re finally ready to plan the launch of your startup...


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