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Defining Your USP - Knowing your startup's 'Unique Selling Point' before launching will help form a big part of your business success. It is important...
Growth Hacking

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Vincent Dignan, a writer and professional speaker, helps to grow early-stage companies through rapid social media growth and guerrilla community management tactics - He...

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We believe you can never have too much inspirational words to help you handle the business challenges that you might face this week. With that in mind,...
Mark Zuckerberg

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently visited Lagos, Nigeria, in his first-ever trip to Sub-Saharan Africa, to learn more about the city's "vibrant developer and...
Elevator Pitch

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Entrepreneurs - Learn how to do an effective 'Elevator Pitch' - You never know when you might meet a potential investor and all you...

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A new report titled 'Young Blood' gives a unique insight into Britain's youth culture who are often mislabelled as couch potatoes or screenagers. Marketing agency...

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Deciding to launch a restaurant start-up is an exciting decision - But there are several things to consider before leaping into the complex world...
Intellectual Property

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So many creative inventions popping up ever so often and mostly ending up on a lot of crowdfunding platforms - But how do you...
loan application

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Finding capital is essential to moving forward with your business plan - Now is the right time to know how to get the right funding...


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