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Start-Up Chile 16th Generation Program

Are you in the early-phase of your start-up and looking for a global boost then Start-Up Chile could be for you.

Moving to another country does not have to be a daunting experience but if you want to expand your business then consider becoming an International Entrepreneur.

Start-Up Chile is a state-backed initiative, launched in 2010 by the Chilean Government, to spur the level of productivity in Chile by attracting entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world.

Start-Up Chile

This seed accelerator program aims to create a community of local entrepreneurship ecosystem to help cash-strapped entrepreneurs use Chile as their platform to launch or develop their start-ups.

It offers a 1-year work Visa, up to £23,000 (USD $35000) equity-free funding and a diverse community network of entrepreneurs.

Start-Up Chile 16th Generation application will be launching from 19th January 2016 to 16th February 2016 and they’re looking for entrepreneurs from different backgrounds including – Robotics | Healthcare | Biotech | Clean Energy & Education.

Don’t miss the opportunity to go global.

Start-Up Chile