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Some of the featured young founders (clockwise): Twipes, Social Chain, Ideal Flatmates, JustWears, DocTap, Gym Bites, Mimica Labs (formerly Bump Mark).


I Am New Generation Magazine

‘online lifestyle magazine for young entrepreneurs and professionals under 35’

We provide our readers with motivational interviews, advice, and tips from industry leaders, career and funding opportunities, latest business news and events.

I Am New Generation Magazine aims to celebrate and inspire youth entrepreneurship.

I Am New Generation Limited is the first of its kind media publishing business in the UK, which is strictly focused on young people within the business sector.

Founded in 2014 by Queen Ilebode, the company is inspired by talented young individuals empowering themselves in the face of adversity.

I Am New Generation Magazine was the company’s first launched business title in November 2015 with a nationwide reach. Created as a response to the wave of young people seeking entrepreneurship as an alternative career route during the 2008 UK financial crisis.

I Am New Generation Magazine has steadily grown to quickly become influential within its first few years and the magazine site receives more than 2,000 monthly views on average and growing daily.

The influential online lifestyle magazine business title is widely recognised across Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. We have a readership of over 50,000 (and growing daily), with the United Kingdom accounting for more than half of our global audience. 

My Startup Story

I Am New Generation Limited is still growing and there are currently plans in the pipeline for more innovative ventures.

My Startup Story event was launched in July 2018 as part of I Am New Generation Magazine and it is a series of speaking events aimed at inspiring youth entrepreneurship. 

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