ActiveLab Accelerator programme chooses 12 startups to innovate the health and fitness sector

ActiveLab – a newly launched accelerator from not-for-profit health body ukactive – has chosen 12 startups to revolutionise the health and physical sector.

ActiveLab aims to stimulate scalable health solutions to help overcome the UK’s physical inactivity epidemic, which is costing the government ‘£20bn each year and causing 37,000 deaths’.

The 12-week accelerator programme, supported by AXA PPP and Tech City UK, will accelerate startups to create innovative products and services to revolutionise the future of the health and physical activity sector. 

Over 150 companies applied for the programme. The 12 startups picked for the accelerator’s first cohort are:

  • imovesdance – Online tools to get kids active in school and home;
  • Connected Fitness Labs – An app breaking down the four walls of the gym by supporting a health club operator to become a true fitness brand by offering digital support to consumers;
  • EveryMatch International – A white-label mobile Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for building fitness member communities;
  • Gymetrix – The first company in the world to start attaching sensors to gym equipment to measure customers usage of the equipment and then use the data to optimise operators equipment purchasing;
  • Shapelog – Described as ‘Fitbit for strength training’;
  • Amaven – An online platform to help measure, track and improve the physical development of everyone through fundamental movement skills and sports skills;
  • iPrescribe Exercise – An app that uses an algorithm to provide the user with an automated, yet individualised activity programme that will gradually build them up to their optimal but safe level of activity;
  • LiveSmart – UK wide, dynamic, evidence based health assessment and improvement programmes;
  • Stepjockey – Smart signs and gamification platform to enable employers to quickly make their buildings healthier and more active;
  • VRGO Chair – An active chair that can be used for movement within virtual reality;
  • Open Play – Online booking system and marketplace for sports facilities and activities;
  • Silverfit – Weekly Fun And Fitness sessions for older people.

Steven Ward, Executive Director of ukactive, said: “We want ActiveLab to become the global launchpad for innovative and scalable physical activity businesses, so I’m hugely excited by the dynamic group of companies that have made it through to the first cohort.”

Matt Merrick, ActiveLab judge and former Virgin Active European COO and UK Managing Director, added: “The health and fitness market is on the brink of a digital and customer experience revolution, with projects like ActiveLab having a crucial role to play in profiling and facilitating growth’ innovative concepts.

“The rise of an emerging startup community – dedicated to changing the way we move – will create unique and engaging activity experiences which will help to grow the wider market and enable us to lead healthier lives.”