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Editorial Tech Spotlight – weActiv

In celebration of all things technology and wearable, our editorial tech spotlight falls on weActiv.

weActiv is an online web service connecting multiple fitness devices, on one platform, to help users connect and share their workout tips.

Examples of fitness devices. Founder of weActiv (right) - Joseph Powell.
Examples of fitness devices. Founder of weActiv (right) – Joseph Powell.

The platform is designed to help users easily access the tools needed to achieve their health and fitness goals on any device and at any time.

Fitness devices such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Microsoft Band, Moov Now, Garmin and other trending smart watch devices can be seamlessly linked via the cloud or directly uploaded to weActiv’s servers.

Founder of weActiv, Joseph Powell, says the wearable fitness trend is rapidly gaining momentum, and people are definitely not limiting themselves to one device.

He said: “weActiv exists to support the multi-device movement, and ensure that all activities can be tracked and monitored, regardless of whether or not exercisers own one or several different technologies.”


Joseph Powell discovered weActiv while trying to get a good sales deal on a Fitbit device in an airport’s duty free during a business trip.

“While I was travelling with business, I got sucked in to a great deal on a Fitbit device in duty free. When I started to look into comparing my data with that of my colleagues, we could only do so in open, public groups and some were not keen on this.

We hunted around for a service that offered a closed group offering and one didn’t exist so being in IT we decided to create one – thus weActiv was born.

I’ve been in the IT industry for years and being an avid geek, I can never be too far away from a gadget or a piece of technology.

weActiv is taking my love for technology to the next level by offering a service that will help other wearable users, fitness professionals and organisations get more from their routines by providing intelligence around the mass of data being carried on their wrists.

With weActiv’s service, we are focusing on making it the go-to-service for not only professionals to take their routines and classes to the next level, but also for the corporate level – Giving employers the opportunity to help keep their workforce active.”

weActiv is currently trying to raise £5,000 investment via Kickstarter to be used to add additional device manufacturers to the growing list that it supports + development of a cutting edge mobile app to increase the reach of the service to other connected devices. Support the weActiv campaign