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Share Your Start-Up Story: Little Fish Event Management

Little Fish Event is a corporate event management agency supporting business to business organisations with their internal and external corporate events. 

Lindsey Fish, 32, is part of the growing number of women re-inventing their work-life by setting up their own businesses while on maternity leave.

She launched Little Fish Event in June 2014, which inspired the opening of her second venture Mums Enterprise Roadshow just over a year later.

Little Fish Event Management
Lindsey Fish – Founder of Little Fish Event and Mums Enterprise Roadshow.

Why The Entrepreneurship Route?

I’ve loved organising events since I was 16 years old while working as an apprentice for an events company.

I started my own business after having my baby, which was something I’ve always dreamt of. I secured my first client, National Apprenticeship Service, just after 2 months of launching and I haven’t looked back since.

What Is Little Fish and Mums Enterprise Roadshow?

Little Fish is a B2B event management agency which organises mostly conferences, exhibitions and award ceremonies for corporate companies.

Mums Enterprise Roadshow is aimed at helping ambitious mums re-train, find flexible work and start or grow an existing business.

Little Fish Event Management
Mums Enterprise Roadshow 1st event happening in June 2016.

The Inspiration behind both?

I had my baby in October 2013 and started to think about what I could do instead of returning to work in the city, which wouldn’t have worth the expense of childcare or the commute. 

I knew 100% that I could deliver events as a service so I began to plan the launch of the business during my maternity leave.

Doing this opened up a whole new world and I found many other ambitious mums facing the same conundrum about what to do after coming off maternity leave.  

I researched the idea and found that there was a need for a work and business event, which could help ambitious mums retrain, find flexible work, start or grow an existing business. 

Mums Enterprise Roadshow was launched in September 2015 and the response has been amazing so far – We have 30 exhibiting brands on board including Virgin StartUp, Talented Ladies Club and My Accountant Friend

The Future Of Your Ventures?

The aim for Little Fish is to become a leading, modern and respected event management agency, built around flexible working to suit the working needs of future generations and mums. 

We are looking to take Mums Enterprise Roadshow events all over the UK to reach as many ambitious mums as we can – It aims to be the UK’s number 1 event of its kind.

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