This Easter period is a good time to mute your alarm and recuperate from running your business – But how do you maintain a healthy work-life balance after the break.

Entrepreneurs take on too many responsibilities and spend every waking minute of the day working.

Finding time to spend with friends and family can be challenging but it is important to get that healthy balance between business and personal life.

With rising success and as you grow, the business responsibilities increase. It is enjoyable but everyone needs a break to recharge their batteries and focus on new projects to come.

So how do you maintain the balance:

healthy work-life balance

Family Time + Caring For Yourself

Work is important but family comes first. It is crucial to spend time with family and friends and to schedule in some alone time. In order to release stress, do something for yourself, for example, go to the gym, get a manicure, a massage or follow a hobby.

healthy work-life balance

Disconnect Completely

It is important to disconnect completely with the work environment and switch off your work phone. No need to worry, the work will still be there when you return.

healthy work-life balance

Don’t Worry About Perfection

Achieving quality results is important. However, concentrating on perfection for every little detail can be a very time-consuming process, especially for small businesses.

Consider introducing specific brand standards to ensure consistent quality of the product or service. Don’t spend unnecessary time on small details if you could spend it doing something much more productive.

healthy work-life balance


As a business owner, it can be hard at times to give responsibilities away. Trust your colleagues and provide them with relevant support and guidance, but don’t micro-manage them. Giving away responsibilities will motivate others and provide more time to spend outside of work.

Opinion Post: Toni Stewart, MD, Fortitude Plethora (Event Marketing Company).