Share Your Start-Up Story – Fighting Alzheimer’s with ‘Javoo’

Javoo is a social network app helping Alzheimer’s sufferers keep record of their memorable moments and engage in daily activities to battle memory loss.

The ingenious idea, launched last month, was discovered by two brothers Sam, 21, and Scott Rosenberg, 23, after losing their grandfather to Alzheimer’s disease in 2013.

Javoo has the support of the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health and the attention of the co-founder of the Alzheimer’s Society, Morella Kayman, who has recognised the app’s useful potential.

Currently, there are 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK, with numbers set to rise to over 1 million by 2025. The app targets Alzheimer’s fighters, supporters and carers worldwide.

Discovery of Javoo

Founders of Javoo working together to fight Alzheimer’s (L to R) – Sam and Scott Rosenberg.

Myself and my brother Scott suffered the loss of our grandfather from Alzheimer’s disease in 2013.

We both have an interest in technology and whilst caring for our grandfather, we found a serious lack of technological resource and support to help those dealing with the disease.

We often struggled to get advice quickly, speak to people who had suffered a similar experience and find a one-stop resource to help us manage through such a difficult time.

We then decided to take matters into our own hands and set up Javoo.

More About Javoo

Javoo is the first global social network for Alzheimer’s fighters, supporters and carers. The mobile app aims to innovate and advance Alzheimer’s care, bringing together every person involved in the battle against the disease to ensure they’ll never feel as though they’re tackling it alone again.

People affected by Alzheimer’s can use the app to interact with an open, friendly and supportive community, freely share their experiences and inspire others with the strength they need to combat the disease.


Carers, families and friends of those living with the disease can also use Javoo to capture and share videos and pictures of a loved one.

These memories can be used to spark conversations with Alzheimer’s fighters and help trigger their memories, as well as keeping the whole family informed with ease, wherever they are in the world.

One of the most valuable features of the app is its unique, 24/7 support service. Whether users are feeling lonely, sad or just need someone to talk to, they can use Javoo to chat privately in real-time with experienced and knowledgeable Alzheimer’s carers.

Javoo app can be used by anyone living with any form of Dementia.

They can, in turn, offer advice and answer their questions at any time of the day or night.

In addition to providing on-demand help and information, Javoo has a curated news feed that keeps its global user base updated with all of the latest news on how the scientific community is fighting the disease. 

The Attraction of Entrepreneurship

We are currently in the process of a new investment round to further develop our technology. The brilliant thing about the health tech sector and our proposition has been the clear impact and value our idea has brought to market.

People are hyper-engaged and constructive in their feedback. This has enabled us to really laser in on what we think the next year of product development looks like and we are super excited.

The Javoo app has just passed Apple’s stringent medical and legal regulations and is available to download via iTunes now.

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