If somebody tells you that they have a mental health issue – Research, Learn, Engage and Educate yourself.

Jana Dowling - The 888 Collective - mental health
Jana Dowling, founder, The 888 Collective.

Jana Dowling, founder of The 888 Collective, was inspired to launch her own social enterprise startup in August 2017 as a direct response to her personal experience with losing work after suffering mental health issues.

After returning back to work and not finding any key support to her recovery, she then created her social venture to empower people and organisations to take control of their mental fitness.

The young founder shares her tips on how to spot the early signs of stress or depression and what you can do to support a friend, and anyone else going through mental health struggles.

Podcast audio by Jana Dowling exclusively for I Am New Generation Magazine – recorded on 9th October 2018


Main Image – Unsplash (Steffano Pollio)

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