Gym Bites - Alexis Oladipo

Gym Bites – Alexis Oladipo

Alexis Oladipo’s Gym Bites revolutionizes ready-made meals by offering gym goers a range of grab ‘n’ go healthy eating options.

Gym Bites was born out of frustration when Alexis finds herself often with nothing healthy to eat from the vending machine while at the gym.

The 28-year-old, from Essex, once worked as an office cleaner after struggling to find a job as a graduate. She explains her journey to Gym Bites and how she almost gave up on the idea after a friend discouraged her.


“University taught me life skills but I am creative. I graduated from Roehampton University in 2009 with a degree in Media & Culture but found it hard to find a job related to the field that I studied.

At that point in time, I wanted to be a stylist/fashion editor so I started working in retail as a brand ambassador at Selfridges. It was during this period that I read a book, written by Richard Kiyosaki, called ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘, which inspired the beginning of the rest of my life.

I quit my work at Selfridges after 8 months to start a business as a Stylist but the styling gig was becoming tedious and money wasn’t coming in like I thought it would.

I couldn’t find any jobs let alone work experience so I decided to make a change. I left retail and became an office cleaner because finding a job was like a needle in haystack.

I felt like I had taken a few steps back but I eventually realised that I was being prepared for the next chapter my life was about to turn into.

Alexis Oladipo Founder of Gym Bites

I was then introduced to The Prince’s Trust Enterprise scheme, which helps young people with business ideas and a startup loan. I signed up and was assigned with a millionaire mentor.

I changed my business idea four times before breaking down and becoming frustrated.

My mentor then asked me to list the things that I was good at. All that came to my mind was Fashion and Cooking.

I explained to my mentor about an idea that I had a year ago (Gym Bites) but was discouraged by an old friend and didn’t explore it further.

My mentor encouraged me to go back and explore this, which led to Gym Bites.

Alexis Oladipo Gym Bites

Gym Bites is a range of healthy eating options available to grab ‘n’ go wherever you are. We currently have three different selections – Pack-A-Protein Chicken Salad, Oh-Mega! Prawn Salad and Green Supreme Broccoli Salad.

Gym Bites offers convenient tasty healthy food.

We officially launched into Selfridges Food Hall on 4th January and we would be releasing other varieties closer to spring time.

I have always loved food but I wasn’t a healthy eater. I had my first taste of broccoli at the age of 21 and it was a wrap from there.

As I got older and built up my awareness about eating healthy, I would often find myself at the gym and be faced with a depressing vending machine with nothing healthy to eat.


Running your own business is never easy – It takes time, effort, willpower, consistency, drive, dedication, passion and love.

What I enjoy about doing this is creating something people would actually love. I refer to my three little jars as my babies because I have literally watched them grow into greatness.

It feels great being your own boss and I wish someday to be like some of the amazing women in business that I read about in articles. 

Within the next 18 months, I see Gym Bites growing tremendously and becoming a nationwide product that is in continuous demand. It would be stocked in all major supermarkets, food hall boutiques, gyms and sport centres.

Gym Bites stocked on shelves

I would advise anyone going into business to be ready to work and sacrifice because it isn’t a bed of roses, especially at the beginning.

You won’t see your friends, the hours may be long, you may eventually have to let go of your security blanket and throw yourself into the business if you really want to make it work.

If you have an idea, take your time to explore and don’t look at what your peers are doing or how far they have gone because the grass isn’t always greener.

Do not rush, take your time and create something mind blowing.”

Gym Bites 

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