CEO ADVICE - Writing A Business Plan

CEO ADVICE: How To Attract Investors To Your Startup With A Winning Business Plan

Entrepreneurs looking for funding to launch or grow their startups are 16% more likely to succeed with a business plan, according to a recent study from the University of Edinburgh Business School and RWTH Aachen University. The research findings, published mid-last year in the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, studied more than 1,000 entrepreneurs and their startups […]

Less than £500

CEO ADVICE: How To Launch Your Startup With Just Less Than £500

A new Yell Business research shows that 40% of small businesses launched in the UK were started with just less than £500 – No more losing sleep over startup costs.  The survey of 1,500 SME’s also revealed that a further 32% started with £250 or less, with 93% of these businesses turning over profit in the […]

CEO ADVICE FOR ENTREPRENEURS: How To Master The Art Of Delegating

Mastering the art of delegating requires a big leap of faith but it is necessary if you want to see your startup grow and become profitable. An element of trust needs to exist between the business owner and its employees for the act of delegating to work. Having the right team in place and learning […]

Launching your own business

CEO Rune Sovndahl Advice On Launching Your Own Business – Entrepreneurial Spirit And Technology

Founder of the £28m domestic lifestyle app ‘GoFantastic’ Rune Sovndahl, shares his tips on spotting a gap in the industry and launching your own business. I started Fantastic Services in 2009 after a chance meeting, at a party, with my business partner Anton Skarlatov who already had a cleaning business of a similar style. At the time, […]