Meet The Adebanjos - Netflix Deal

Meet The Adebanjos – How we got the Netflix deal for our TV Show without mainstream backing

Andrew Osayemi and Debra Odutuyo (pictured above – left and right) are the creators of the popular British TV show Meet The Adebanjos – a comedy series about a British-Nigerian family living in London. After facing several rejections by some UK mainstream television producers, they decided to raise their own funds to independently produce 50 episodes […]

Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence and not technical skills determines career success

Ever thought about your emotional intelligence? Well, how human you are is what you will always be remembered for and organisations look for this when searching for future leaders. Emotionally intelligent employees have always been the difference for high performing organisations. By placing emphasis on recruiting the values and behaviours expected over the technical qualifications […]

Start-up of the Year

The Foodie Netflix Shortlisted for Start-up of the Year

Simply Good Food TV ‘must-have’ app has been shortlisted for Guardian start-up of the year. Launched in May 2015,  the foodie TV app has over 47,000 downloads and it’s been used three times a week on average. Set to hit over 100,000 users this year alone. The app is the brainchild of TV chef Peter […]