New normal low touch economy

Re-inventing your business for the ‘new normal’ in the Low Touch Economy

The era of the new normal in the Low Touch Economy – ‘People are creating new habits, new regulations are being introduced, or evolving. And that creates a very interesting environment where there are a lot of new needs and new problems…’   Opening Brownber Hall four years ago was a labour of love for […]


Tech Tips For Setting Up Your Home Office

More of us than ever before are now choosing to work from home over a traditional 9-5 office job. The advantages are clear – you get to work in comfortable surroundings and enjoy a healthier work/life balance. But to do home working right you need to have the correct equipment and tools. So whether you’re […]


5 Ways Remote Culture Beats an Office

Working from anywhere in the world from a laptop has become the new dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s probably one of the motivating factors encouraging people to go after the ‘new rich’ lifestyle, after Tim Ferriss introduced it in his book, ‘The Four Hour Work Week’. Remote culture will attract people that are […]