Lizzy Hodcroft - The Sweet Beet Food Business

How My Food Business Saved My Life And Why Resilience Is Key To Entrepreneurship

When you find yourself waking up in a Mental Hospital one morning, you don’t exactly feel as though you’ll be successful in life – Success at that point meant trying to live a normal life and it certainly was not the type of success I was trying to achieve with my food business. Lizzy Hodcroft, the […]


Why Businesses Need to Embrace Diversity

Embracing diversity can bring a great deal of benefits to a company and even lay the foundations for greater success. When a business maintains a diverse work environment, it can bring its employees together to create a culture of inclusiveness, where each individual feel valued and respected for their differences. Welcoming employees with different backgrounds and experiences can help […]


Entrepreneurs – Learn These Steps To Be More Competitive

Competition is an important aspect for business growth – A winning mentality and a competitive nature is key to business success. Competition helps a business think more innovatively, which is necessary for the growth of a business. In addition to innovation, a competitive business is forced to provide better quality service and leads to more satisfied customers, […]


The Centre for Entrepreneurs – Should Entrepreneurs Fear Failure?

Serial entrepreneurs are well known for their resilience and ability to overcome business mistakes – Suggesting there is no need to fear failure. Matt Smith, Director at the Centre for Entrepreneurs, discusses why serial entrepreneurs are less afraid of failure than one-time founders. Can unfortunate professional experiences, or even business failure, lead to success? Certainly, […]


How To Keep Success Simple

The single most important piece of advice that you can give to a young business owner is to keep things simple –  In today’s business world, it can be very easy to get carried away and doing so could put a huge dent in any future success. The young generation are been continuously fed the […]