Women in innovation

Women In Innovation: A Getty Images Photo Exhibition Inspiring Future Female Entrepreneurs

A Getty Images photo exhibition is looking to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs and innovators – Innovate UK’s infocus ‘Women In Innovation’ .

Jointly created by Innovate UK – a government body promoting innovation – and Getty Images, the free exhibit aims to address issues faced by women in innovation and boost female entrepreneurship with inspiring role models.

The event is part of Innovate UK’s infocus initiative to foster diversity in innovation and increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the UK.

Innovate UK’s infocus women in innovation exhibition will run from 18th to 28th July at the Getty Images Gallery, London.

The showcase will feature diverse profiles of female entrepreneurs, who are pioneers of new technologies and ideas such as optimisation of cancer treatment, creation of sustainable alternatives to animal products, air pollution and waste. 

Photos on display, taken by acclaimed photographer Amelia Troubridge, will include winners and finalists of the women in innovation funding 2016 competition, as well as ambassadors of the awards.

Alongside the exhibition, there’ll be a workshop for 14 to 18-year-olds to meet and learn from female business leaders who are changing the world with their innovations.

This is designed to get young women excited about innovation and empower them to come up with their own solutions.

Dr. Ruth McKernan CBE, CEO of Innovate UK, said: “Half of the world’s population are female. To consider how many of these talented women are held back from participating in entrepreneurial activity is deeply frustrating, particularly as research shows that harnessing the skills of women entrepreneurs could significantly enhance UK economic growth.

“More so, the participation of women in the innovation ecosystem is crucial to the development of work that will truly change the world.

“We know that a key barrier to engaging women in this is the lack of female role models. So what better way to address this balance than to partner with Getty, and the amazing Amelia Troubridge, in order to showcase the women who are already leading and growing incredible businesses across the UK.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to change what it looks like to be a female innovator in 2017, with the aim to inspire even more brilliant women to come forward with game-changing ideas.”