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Female Entrepreneurs – Join These Networking Groups

The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute ranked the UK as the 3rd best country for Female entrepreneurship but there is still room for improvement. 

The report highlighted a 7% increase in female entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business within the next 5 years but a 19% drop in female-founded technology businesses.

The study released earlier this year also recognised that Europe can do more to help women find opportunities to start a business.

Joining a networking group is a good place to start discovering these business prospects.

Some of the benefits of networking includes making profitable partnerships, boosting your knowledge of other products/services and discovering new ideas.

Here are some female networking groups you can join that will suit you and your business:

avanti networking logoAvanti Networking

Avanti Networking environment fosters long-lasting business relationships, strategic partnerships and helps you gain new relevant skills.

They reach out to female entrepreneurs and professionals from various parts of UK.

Code First:Girls

CODEFIRST:Girls logoCode First:Girls works with young and professional women to increase their numbers in the Tech world. 

Their three main agenda is to encourage young women to develop their skill set, connect them to other like-minded individuals and help companies to further train their talent pool.

National Black Womens Network

national black womens network-logoNational Black Womens Network is a non-profit network with the purpose of raising the profile and status of women with colour in the West Midlands.

They provide network support, help women from diverse backgrounds to develop professional contacts and also offers training and educational programmes. 

The Girls’ Network

the girls network logoThe Girls’ Network works with females, nationwide, between 14 – 19 years old and their aim is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a network of female role models.

The charity’s mentoring support helps girls explore different career opportunities, develop their skills, create a balanced well-being and to achieve in life. 

This Lady Loves

this-lady-loves-logoThis Lady Loves helps to launch and support female-owned small businesses looking for growth by creating a big community online.

Although they’re based in Liverpool, they target female entrepreneurs all over England by offering PR, Marketing and Event Management.  

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