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#EverydayNigerians – Life As A Nigerian Baker

Samuel Ibrahim – founder of Sam’s Cakes & Desserts – had long toyed with the idea of having his own food business but the decision to bake cakes wasn’t entirely out of passion – #EverydayNigerians. Since 2014, Samuel has been running his own bakery shop with the determination to be successful in a country dogged with […]


4 Ways To Set Apart Your Business From Competitors

There are so many companies out there doing the exact same thing while fighting for their brand to be a better option than their competitors – Even more difficult when it’s within an oversaturated market. So the question is – how do you set apart your business from competitors and ensure that your unique selling […]


4 Effective Ways To Keep A Fixed-Grip Around Your Data Security

The impact of a business data breach has far more reaching consequences beyond just simply damaging its reputation – A cyber-attack can very well wipe out the company’s existence. Two years is the average lifespan of a business suffering a major cyber attack with 90% closing their doors within that period. It breaks the customer’s trust, […]

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Business Owners Share Their ‘Insider Tips’ On How They Manage Mental Health At Work

‘Learn your limits….drop some goals’ – We asked the business community to share their insider tips on how they handle mental health at work.  Beyond ‘World Mental Health Day‘, these useful tips can still remain relevant and be your go-to-guide for having a healthy work-life balance. Learn your limits Learn your limits – once I worked […]

Soft Launching

Why You Should Consider Soft Launching Your Startup First

Soft Launching – After years of hard work, long days and funding red tape, you’re finally ready to plan the launch of your startup and your thoughts turn to how to ‘get the word out‘. In days gone by, launches required the Mayor, the local paper, a big red ribbon and an oversized pair of […]

Young Female

How To Survive As A Young Female Entrepreneur When Building A Technology Business

To my fellow and aspiring young female entrepreneurs – I sometimes think that the closest feeling that you could possibly equate to starting your business is the same as if you were having a baby. No, I’ve never had a child, I’m still far too young. However, I have experienced the labour pains, the unconditional […]


7 Things To Do Before Giving A Speech

Preparation and practice are crucial when it comes to delivering a speech or presentation. Public speaking is not about the speaker giving a wonderful performance.  It’s about making sure that the audience understands your message and remembers it long after you have spoken.  Having a well prepared speech or presentation helps your confidence, steadies your nerves […]

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University Degree – No Longer A Passport To Success

Matt Gubba, founder and CEO of BizBritain, believes a University degree is no longer a passport to success or a guarantee to a profitable business. He outlines alternative steps aspiring entrepreneurs can take to reach their goals. Going to university doesn’t necessarily equal success, and skipping university doesn’t necessarily equal failure. Becoming successful is all about […]

Launching your own business

CEO Rune Sovndahl Advice On Launching Your Own Business – Entrepreneurial Spirit And Technology

Founder of the £28m domestic lifestyle app ‘GoFantastic’ Rune Sovndahl, shares his tips on spotting a gap in the industry and launching your own business. I started Fantastic Services in 2009 after a chance meeting, at a party, with my business partner Anton Skarlatov who already had a cleaning business of a similar style. At the time, […]

Alternative Finance

Female Entrepreneurs and Alternative Finance

Female business owners are still not fully aware of the alternative finance options available to them.  Last year, the alternative finance market grew to £3.2 billion with a range of different crowdfunding and peer-to-business lending platforms entering the space. The alternative business lending sector is beginning to take an increasing share of SME lending through investing […]