The 15th series of Dragons’ Den saw 22-year-old solo founder Edward Hollands secure £30,000 investment from ex-career banker entrepreneur Jenny Campbell for his lorry billboard business ‘DrivenMedia’.

The “highly investable” young entrepreneur discovered his innovative idea while staring at blank truck trailers in a traffic jam, also ‘broke the record for the fastest Dragons’ Den acceptance’.

Ed Hollands received the £30k investment from Campbell in return for a 20% stake in his business. The deal has since been completed.

I Am New Gen Magazine catches up with the young entrepreneur to find out his plan for using the investment:

The Inspiration Behind DrivenMedia

The idea came whilst walking along the A38 in derby during morning rush hour, where I saw a row of trucks stuck at the light with around 300 cars behind. I said to myself if I have a business that’s where I’d be advertising.

DrivenMedia offers an innovative yet simple advertising option using trucks, trailer, and lorries already traveling the country or along a specific route as mobile billboards. Truck advertising is an extremely cost-effective medium, compared to current marketing methods, reaching over 55,000 a day for less than 50p per thousand people.

On Winning The Investment And Future Plans

I’ve grown up watching the show and it’s a dream come true to even pitch, let alone get an investment. Jenny’s support has been phenomenal. She loved my enthusiasm and passion as she’s a keen supporter of young enterprises.

I asked for £30,000 for 10% and I walked away with all the money, and a 20% going to Dragon Jenny Campbell. Some of the investment has already been spent on launching our own fleet of branded lorries, guerrilla marketing campaign and a brand new website as well as numerous other projects.

One key thing to come is a few members of staff.

If your thinking of doing it, just apply. Feedback from the dragons is invaluable, whether you get investment or not.

Handling Life As A Solo Founder

It’s hard work managing a business on your own. You’ve got no other skill set to rely on as it’s just you versus the world. I overcome this by outsourcing the work I struggle with.

Pitching Tips For Budding Young Dragons’ Den Entrepreneurs

Practice until you can do it in your sleep. I was so focused on nailing the pitch that once it was delivered, I relaxed.


Updated 30th December 2018