VA Garments

Visual Artistic Garments – Vidal Bull and Alan Adewale

Vidal Bull and Alan Adewale are the London-based fashion duo behind the successful brand Visual Artistic Garments.  With no background in fashion but determined to be successful and happy, both 29 years old set out to make their future count even before graduating from University. Vidal explains how their love for creating things has led […]


Design By Sol – Solveiga Pakstaite (Mimica Labs)

Solveiga Pakstaite is a 23-year-old freelance designer from Hertfordshire and her latest invention ‘Mimica Labs‘ (previously named Bump Mark) targets Britain’s rising costly food waste. Mimica Labs, a bio-reactive food expiry label showing you when your food life cycle has ended, has won her several awards including the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2015. Working […]