Edible Bug Farm

Edible Bug Farm – Matthew Anderson

Matthew Anderson’s Edible Bug Farm offers an alternative solution to feeding the world’s growing population by challenging public perception about eating bugs. Edible Bug Farm develops methods for the sustainable farming of edible insects with the aim of including them into the UK’s mainstream diet. The initiative, which won the Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in November 2015, will […]

Spacehop Logo

Spacehop – Matthew Beatty

Looking for an alternative business workspace with a feel-at-home vibe then Matthew Beatty’s Spacehop website is the go-to place. Matthew and his co-founder, Luke Eastwood, launched Spacehop early this year as an online platform allowing home-owners to offer their residential space to be used by guests for work purposes. The 28 year old from London, […]


Grabble – Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray’s Grabble is the new ‘Tinder for Fashion’ app created to save users the hassle of searching for the latest fashionable trends by bringing specially-curated outfit tips direct to the phone. Grabble was initially launched in 2014, by Daniel and his business partner Joel Freeman, as a social commerce website to fill the empty space between Pinterest and ASOS by […]

Gym Bites - Alexis Oladipo

Gym Bites – Alexis Oladipo

Alexis Oladipo’s Gym Bites revolutionizes ready-made meals by offering gym goers a range of grab ‘n’ go healthy eating options. Gym Bites was born out of frustration when Alexis finds herself often with nothing healthy to eat from the vending machine while at the gym. The 28-year-old, from Essex, once worked as an office cleaner after struggling […]

Stephanie Woolven Image

StephieAnn Design – Stephanie Woolven

Stephanie Woolvens’ handmade luxury brand StephieAnn Design lingerie and nightwear is made for women to feel special about themselves. The 24 year old’s debut collection ‘Hammer Through Daisies‘, which won her the Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas award in August 2014, was inspired by Dylan Thomas poem And Death Shall Have No Dominion. Stephanie runs her lingerie […]

Freelancers OnDemand Logo

Freelancers On Demand – Scott Owens

Scott Owens’ Freelancers On Demand targets Britain’s shortage of skilled workers by connecting freelancers directly to clients with no charges to the freelancers.  Freelancers On Demand focus on knowledge service areas of the industry like Design, Marketing, Arts and Accountancy. The 31 year old, from North Lincolnshire, decided to freelance because it made him feel in control of […]


HowCloud – Joseph Ros

Joseph Ros extra curricular activities led to the creation of an online tutoring platform HowCloud to give students affordable access to personal tutoring. HowCloud connects students live, in real-time, online with a teacher, to give a classroom experience that is led by the students themselves. The 24 year old, from London, initially studied Philosophy, Economics and […]

Magi-Metrics Logo

Magi Metrics – Milo Spencer-Harper

Milo Spencer-Harpers’ Magi Metrics software helps marketers target their product directly at Instagram influencers. The software acquires data from Instagram and it’s analysed by businesses to determine the bloggers who can help them grow their brand through product offerings. The 26 year old, from Harrow, talks about his experience of leaving his full-time job to enduring […]

VA Garments

Visual Artistic Garments – Vidal Bull and Alan Adewale

Vidal Bull and Alan Adewale are the London-based fashion duo behind the successful brand Visual Artistic Garments.  With no background in fashion but determined to be successful and happy, both 29 years old set out to make their future count even before graduating from University. Vidal explains how their love for creating things has led […]

Design By Sol

Design By Sol – Solveiga Pakstaite (Mimica Labs)

Solveiga Pakstaite is a 23-year-old freelance designer from Hertfordshire and her latest invention ‘Mimica Labs‘ (previously named Bump Mark) targets Britain’s rising costly food waste. Mimica Labs, a bio-reactive food expiry label showing you when your food life cycle has ended, has won her several awards including the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2015. Working […]