Top 10 Growth Hacks To Transform Your Support Service Business

Billy Allan is the founding partner of Aliter Capital – an investment firm focused on growing small and mid-sized UK support service companies. His firm invests up to £20 million in businesses, with a market value of £20 million to £75 million, where it can use its deep industry knowledge to scale-up quickly the companies it […]

Why you should consider soft launching your startup first

Soft Launching – After years of hard work, long days and funding red tape, you’re finally ready to plan the launch of your startup and your thoughts turn to how to ‘get the word out‘. In days gone by, launches required the Mayor, the local paper, a big red ribbon and an oversized pair of […]

Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Ambitious Entrepreneurs – Legal Advice For Setting Up A Startup

The great news for ambitious entrepreneurs is that the most recent statistics show that the number of Startups are at an all-time high in Britain.  Have you ever had a thought about a company or brand, along the lines of: ‘I could do that’, ‘if this business did this, it would be so much better’ or started a […]


Legal Things To Consider When Planning To Sell Your Startup

There are different reasons why a business owner would feel the need to sell their company and move on – A new venture presents itself, loss of passion for what they started so decided to cash in or even wanting to retire early.  For some, it comes down to money and the job role of being an entrepreneur, […]


Legal Matters – Why Do I Need A Partnership Agreement?

As part of our ‘Ask An Expert‘ series, a legal professional tells us why the need for a partnership agreement – Christian Mancier is a Corporate & Commercial Partner at Gorvins Solicitors specialising in all aspects of Commercial law including Partnership Agreements. A formal Partnership Agreement enables the partners of your company to significantly deviate from the default […]

Ask An Expert

New Advice Column – Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert: Interested in starting a business or want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have an innovative idea and need advice on how to market it? Do you need help turning your creative skill into a business? We are starting a new feature ‘Ask An Expert‘, where you can pose your business questions directly […]