Ask An Expert

New Advice Column – Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert: Interested in starting a business or want to become an entrepreneur? Do you have an innovative idea and need advice on how to market it? Do you need help turning your creative skill into a business?

We are starting a new feature ‘Ask An Expert‘, where you can pose your business questions directly to a panel of industry professionals with years of experience.

The aim is to help new business owners or entrepreneurs gain useful skills, earlier on, on how to handle the difficulties that comes with becoming your own boss – All about the Sharing Economy.

If you would like to receive advice then please email your questions, include your name + city/country, to – Please use Ask an expert in the subject line.

We are also looking for established business experts across all sectors, including media professionals and freelancers , who would like to join the panel to provide expert advice.

Please email your contact details to using Ask Me in the subject line.

Important Notice – please read our Terms and Conditions before making any submissions/contributions to us.