DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme’s first cohort – 32 SMEs chosen to digitally innovate the NHS

Meet the 32 companies chosen to be the first cohort of DigitalHealth.London’s year-long accelerator programme aimed at making the NHS more efficient.

The recently launched innovative programme, part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, aims to accelerate the adoption of digital health solutions within the health sector in London.

Jenny Thomas, Accelerator Programme Director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome our very first Accelerator cohort and look forward to working with them closely over the next year. This is a completely new and innovative programme – the first of its kind in London – that works by engaging with businesses, the NHS and wider healthcare sector, to close the gap between product development and the uptake of new solutions within hospitals and other healthcare settings. We believe that our unique approach has the ability to help businesses engage with the NHS in the most efficient way.

“With ever‐increasing pressures on health and care services, our ambition is to speed up the adoption of innovations at scale, ensuring that greater numbers of patients benefit from emerging new technology, more rapidly.

“The companies we will support frequently talk about how complicated it can be to navigate and engage with the NHS, particularly finding the ‘right person to talk to’. We believe – and lots of the companies have told us – that the Accelerator has the ability to change this, and we are delighted to be giving our first cohort the chance to work with the NHS in a completely new way.”

Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Information Officer at NHS England, further adds: “Digital innovation has the power to directly enhance patient care, improve the sustainability of our systems and transform the way people access NHS services and manage their own health. 

“We are already seeing the benefits to patients and NHS staff as we harness the potential of smart technology and we are investing hundreds of millions to move faster in realising such benefits across the entire health and social care system.”

The 32 SMEs chosen for the 2016 Accelerator programme are –

  • 11 Health & Technologies Ltd;
  • Affigo;
  • Breaking Free Online Limited;
  • Circular Wave Limited;
  • Cinapsis;
  • Club Soda Limited;
  • Cupris Health;
  • DefinitiveDX;
  • DrDoctor;
  • Healthlogistics Limited;
  • Helicon Health Limited;
  • Inhealthcare;
  • iPlato Healthcare Ltd;
  • LiveSmart UK Ltd;
  • Lumeon;
  • MedicaliQ;
  • Medopad;
  • Meedoc;
  • MedShr;
  • Molecular Warehouse;
  • mumoActive;
  • myrecovery;
  • Now Healthcare Group;
  • OurPath;
  • Oviva;
  • Perfect Ward;
  • Physitrack;
  • Propeller (part of Selfless);
  • Revere Care;
  • UK;
  • SIME Diagnostics;
  • Written Medicine.