Disneyland Paris - The Castle Hub

Disneyland Paris Launches ‘The Castle Hub’ Programme To Partner With Startups With Innovative Ideas To Enhance Customer Experiences Across The Resort. 

Disneyland Paris – Europe’s well-known tourist destination – is looking to partner with startups with innovative ideas to enhance customer experiences within its resort through its newly launched startup programme – The Castle Hub.

The Castle Hub initiative aims to foster collaborations between Disneyland Paris and startups with new or existing marketing innovative solutions.

In celebration of the launch, eight businesses were invited to an elevator-style pitch competition – Tower of Terror – where the contenders were filmed doing a three-minute pitch while going up and down in an elevator simulator.

The free platform is looking to forge a long-lasting partnership with the UK and French startups to drive innovation across the resort within these specific areas:

  • Marketing
  • Data & Business Intelligence
  • Digitisation and self-service
  • Entertainment and shows
  • Industry of the future
  • Social and ecological innovation

“The Castle Hub is intended to support innovation and the growth of European start-ups –particularly in France. It is part of our responsibility as the industry leader to find young companies and help them to develop,” explains Julien Kauffmann, Vice President of Transformation at Disneyland Paris.

Find out more information here on joining Disneyland Paris ‘The Castle Hub’ programme.