Corner By Athletec

Editorial Tech Spotlight – Corner By Athletec

Introducing ‘Corner’ by Athletec – Looking to disrupt the boxing world with its wearable tech design and IoT application.

Corner is a wireless tracker that clips on to a boxer’s hand wraps and sends data to a connected smartphone using Bluetooth to help boxers maximise their training performance.

The device monitors every punch and block in real time to show the athlete’s boxing performance.

Corner By Athletec
Left to Right: Corner ‘wearable’ clip on tracker, the phone app and viewing the analytics on the web.

Coaches can use the insight to tweak their training methods to better fit the boxer’s strength and focus on areas missed before.

Corner is the ‘brainchild’ of Charles Burr’s university final year project combined with his love for boxing.

Telling his story, he says: “As a regular at my local gym, I wanted to fuse my passion for boxing with my Mechanical Engineering final year project at Imperial College London.

Corner By Athletec
Inventor of Corner – Charles Burr (pictured at the top) and with his team (bottom picture)

I teamed up with a fellow amateur boxer and Imperial College lecturer Dr. Ravi Vaidyanathan to work together to develop the first fully functional prototype, for the performance-tracking boxing wearable, Corner.

On completing my university project, I continued working on the system with design graduate Jerry Krylov, who was subletting his house at the time.

A small logo design favour soon turned into a blueprint for the commercial image of Corner.

We plan to seamlessly integrate Corner into the boxing community, to make a platform where fighters can track the progression of their training, and also compare and compete with other fighters.

Our ultimate aim is to provide performance analysis suitable for elite athletes, yet accessible to every athlete and coach striving for improved performance.”

Charles plans to use his company Athletec to continue researching new ways of tracking lower body movement in the hopes of adding to Corner’s ability to monitor athlete’s footwork and kick.