Share My Trip

Editorial Tech Spotlight – Share My Trip App By Navmii

A new feature helping you to share your trip details with anyone in your contact list has been launched by Navmii.

The Share My Trip feature aims to remove the need for your loved ones asking “where are you?” and stop the unforeseen time-keeping issues.

share my trip

Users simply select who they want to share their travel details with, from their contacts list, and send a web link by email or text. Recipients can then follow trip progress on a phone, tablet or PC.

Its new feature is committed to safely connecting people and places easily by cutting down the temptation of sending delays text messages whilst driving.

share my trip

Share My Trip gives the opportunity to share journey information before starting a trip.

Zoe Laycock, CMO of Navmii says: “The ‘Share my Trip’ feature is designed to enable drivers to update friends and family about where they are and their expected time of arrival safely and easily.

“It keeps people connected whilst reducing driver distraction and temptation to answer calls/ texts. We wanted to go beyond simply sharing an ETA, to give the option of keeping in contact whilst driving by sharing route, location and other useful information in real-time.”

share my trip

Navmii apps are available in more than 190 countries with over 24 million users. The free global navigation and traffic app is currently available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone devices.

The navigation information provided is dependable on the information given by its users and its own mapping data combined with the Open Street Map initiative.