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Tech Spotlight – 5 fun mobile apps for entrepreneurs

Life of an entrepreneur is hectic as you find yourself constantly doing things on your smart devices – We want to make your mobile more sociable so we’ve brought you 5 fun apps to use. 

Running a business sees us permanently glued to our phones. We want to make your phone a lot more fun, which is why we’re recommending these interesting apps to help you switch from work mode once in a while.

1. Vima

This social video app allows people to connect more closely with others nearby based on their similar interests with other users, brands and content creators through original and exclusive content. 

The app allows you to record videos of things you like or enjoy doing, and share it with others who are also in or near their location and build communities of people with similar interests. The founders are launching the app this summer and you can apply to be a beta tester.

2. Sup

Don’t miss your friends ever again with sup app. The free mobile app notifies you when your friends are around you, whether you’re attending an event or just relaxing at a bar.

The app aims to help you keep your friendship intact even with your busy schedules.

3. ClubApp

Not everyone can attend a match and ClubApp wants to make sure that you’re not missing out. Launched in November 2015, ClubApp was born out of frustration at not being able to follow teams outside the top tiers of football that receive mass media coverage.

The free app provides clubs with the ability to share their team sheets and live updates – Especially for the smaller teams who tend to receive little to no match day coverage from the media

4. Geo Hitch

New to the scene is Geo Hitch an innovative location-based activity game. Similar to a treasure hunt, users have challenges to complete and leader boards to climb.

This recreation adventure game will see you search for, track down and capture virtual HitchHikers from real-life places – all from your mobile.

5. Double

Double is a location based dating app for double dates which allows you to sign up with a friend and find other pairs nearby. The dating app wants to break down the barriers and the awkwardness that comes with real life interactions. 

A very useful app to help you plan your Friday night activities with a friend – Double dating made easy.

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