The last thing a business owner needs in their 24-hour life-cycle is to be off sick because of stress.

You spend your day juggling the high demands that come with being your own boss and taking a sick leave is a luxury you can not afford.

To celebrate the National Stress Awareness Day, we’ve put together a survival guide to help you keep stress at bay.

1. Keep the ideas flowing then your profit will keep rolling in – Why don’t you change your environment by moving your laptop to a different room or visit a co-working space.

2. Drink more water and avoid the temptation to reach for that can of ‘laboratory concoction mix of unknown acids’. The sugar rush can affect your emotion and judgment, and you’ll eventually crash at the worst possible time.

3. Laughter is the best medicine and your defense against stress – It is a natural energy boost, it releases happy hormones in your body and makes you see things from a new perspective.

Practice a bit of meditation.

4. Re-trace your step back to that 8-hour sleeping pattern that you use to look forward to as a corporate worker. Create a work schedule to ensure that you complete all your daily activities to avoid you doing an all-nighter.

5. Family and friends are an important factor in living a long healthy life as they keep you balanced. It can always seem like you always have endless things to do but a continued investment in your relationships is more profitable than money and success.

6. Your mind can play tricks – Avoid making any situation bigger than it should be. International Stress Management Association stated that “People are stressed not by the thing, but by their perception of the thing”.

International Stress Management Association