Get More Out Of Tweeting On Twitter

Get More Out Of Tweeting On Twitter

Tweeting bland corporate messages will result in you been unfollowed before you realise it.

Twitter has an average of 100 million users and 500 million tweets sent each day globally, so there is huge potential for businesses to connect with existing and new customers.

By simply tweeting an engaging content to your ideal target market can increase the number of your followers on your social network.

However, there are still many companies not using Twitter correctly as an important marketing tool. Here are five steps to help you get more out of tweeting on Twitter:

1. Engage with your target audience

The worst thing you can do when you have a twitter account is to remain inactive. It is advisable to send relevant tweets every day.

Daily Twitter users are also not shy about discussing their lives so they are able to reveal important information on what makes your target customers tick.

2. All about personalisation

To be a success, you’ll need to be mixing the right amount of important information with tweets that show your brand as real and authentic.

The most successful Twitter accounts belong to individuals or companies that have managed to develop a personality instead of just promoting.

3. Create a strong strategy plan

Your content strategy is an important part of your brand’s online identity and the overall aim is to try and affect people’s perception of your company positively.

On the other hand,  with 20 million tweets sent out on average every hour on Twitter, messages can get lost so you need to have a strong content from the onset.

You could use online tools such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social to publish your content weeks in advance and then select suitable times for it to be seen – you’ll need to monitor social trends.

4. Embrace the Hashtag 

Trending hashtags are displayed on every user’s homepage making it easier for them to take part in the conversations.

When you see a trending topic related to your industry you should jump on board and take advantage of the hashtags to improve your online reach.

5. Be image conscious

To get a good representation of your business online, your Twitter username needs to be short and memorable.  

Use your company’s logo and brand colours for the design of your Twitter page to give it a professional look.

You need to keep your news feed relevant so follow similar users in similar locations and also those who are relevant to your field of interest.

Stacey Kehoe is a PR and Communications Director at Brandlective Communications specialising in developing successful online marketing campaigns.


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