51Degrees granted EU patent for its device detection technology

A mobile web analytics specialist 51Degrees has been granted an EU patent for its device detection technology.

Founded in 2009, 51Degrees uses its software to help developers create responsive mobile websites to maximise customer’s web experience.

The EU patent covers 51Degrees’ method of extracting device information from web traffic, native apps and mobile networks such as physical device screen size, price band and supported input methods.

51Degrees’ patented algorithm is designed to accommodate data sets that increases yearly as the popularity of mobile devices grow.

Founder & CEO of 51Degrees, James Rosewell, commented, “It was extremely important to us to secure a patent to protect our unique algorithm that can evolve in line with the telecommunication and consumer electronic industry’s rapid growth.

“The patent demonstrates that 51Degrees’ approach to device detection is superior to solutions from the previous decade.”

51Degrees’ device detection solution currently supports more than 32,371 different devices and it’s used by 1.5 million websites.

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