Share Your Start-Up Story – ‘Bevy’ The Butler

Bevy is the first and only on-demand app specialised in delivering alcohol and convenience goods within 20 minutes across London.

Kevin Kovar, 33, discovered Bevy as a result of attending several house parties and feeling disappointed with the low supply of alcoholic drinks available.

The butler-type app is saving people’s time by placing their local shop in the palm of their hands – Bevy also delivers items such as, tobacco and condoms right up until early hours of the morning.

Bevy Service

We offer a curated selection of alcohol, tobacco and snacks, enabling customers to purchase these items easily and quickly for on-demand delivery via our app. Best of all, we partner with local off-licenses so products are the same price as in shops and orders are delivered to your location by fast and friendly Bevy Butlers on motorbikes.

Our goal is to make convenience and impulse goods more convenient for time-strapped people who want to access their favourite goods from the palm of their hand.

Discovering Bevy

The ‘light-bulb’ moment came a while ago when the repeated frustrations of not having alcohol demands met at house parties, especially late at night, were mirrored in my friends. I approached and researched this dilemma with two friends, now my business partners Guy Kemball-Williams and Marco Saio, who I knew also suffered similar frustrations.

Co-founder of Bevy – Kevin Kovar.

We discovered that despite growth in mobile penetration and advancements of retail technology, there still did not exist a single technology solution to buy alcohol, and nobody was doing anything about it.

Given the inconvenience, cost and loss of time associated with procuring alcohol and impulse goods, when time is most valuable, we decided to embark on a mission to solve this major pain point.

With our different backgrounds and entrepreneurial thinking, we knew we could form a well rounded team and create something fantastic for the UK and beyond. So we began building the first Bevy prototype with a few basic principles – reasonable prices, robust selection, and rapid delivery.

After a year in stealth development, we launched Bevy in November 2015 as the first and only on-demand alcohol delivery app in the UK, and we are still as excited as ever about it. 

Why The Life Of Entrepreneurship

Bevy is not just a company we created by chance, it’s something we use as regular customers to suit a busy, spontaneous and social life.

We live and breathe the business, and we honestly believe that we are building something incredibly significant, for customers and the British culture. It has inspired innovation and creativity since day one, and the positive response since launch keeps us incredibly motivated.

Never miss a beat at the party.

We are working to the benefit of customers, independent retailers and exciting brands, and this has instilled the drive that makes us even more excited about the opportunity.

The Future Of Bevy

We have massive plans for the future – We always want to be innovating, and the alcoholic beverage market is somewhat antiquated when it comes to convenience for customers and on-demand delivery.

We see ourselves continuing to disrupt the space, but we will also become more in tune with the atmosphere and lifestyle surrounding our customers and brands. We are doing this by keeping a pulse on the latest trends in alcohol, music and the nightlife that surrounds purchasing behaviour.

We are already working with major brands on ways to better target customers, and have some very exciting stunts, give-aways and collaborations ahead.

As we get closer to summer, we will be introducing new product ranges, expanding our delivery area and rolling out our hours towards 24/7. We also plan to expand Bevy to other cities very soon.

Download Bevy for free via the AppStore.

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