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TwentySomeone is a life-coaching platform empowering the younger generation to transition smoothly in life.

Sam Jones, 26, launched his venture to help those in their twenties develop a balanced personal and professional life with the aim of inspiring a change in how they see themselves.

His ultimate aim is to nurture young start-ups around the world and motivate them to achieve their goals.

About TwentySomeone 

The core of TwentySomeone is to help twenty-somethings gain a greater sense of identity, deeper meaning within their personal and professional life, and gain esteem from the right areas.


These are the three fundamentals of a healthy twenty-something well-being. They are very important and every young person needs to have access to it.


Your twenties are a time of transitioning in career, relationships, cities, education and self – This can often set the tone for the rest of a person’s life. The information-age brings new challenges to the twenty-somethings of today and how they build their identity, deeper meaning, and their self-esteem.


TwentySomeone empowers twenty-somethings to know and value themselves, so they can make game-changing, meaningful decisions for their personal and professional future.


Life Before The Venture

After graduating from Cardiff University in 2010, I got a job and thought it was just going to ‘happen’ for me. I went to university to unlock opportunities, but it turned out that the competition on those opportunities were high. I did not adapt to high-level academics well, so I left with a 2:2.

That put me at a disadvantage – A 2:1 person trumps a 2:2 person on paper.

I understood and accepted that at the time, but doing a low paid job just seemed a bit far from where I thought I could start.


I left the job, lost my confidence, ended up on the Job seeker allowance and moved back home. I didn’t want to become a victim so I started learning about myself and listening to what I wanted.

I knew I wanted to work with and help other people like me. I wanted to build something different but I had no idea how or what. I just knew why.

The Inspiration Behind TwentySomeone

I noticed how people were disillusioned with the expectation of their twenties, which did not quite meet the reality.


I wanted to find the real answers so I was coached by some of the best in the industry, which helped me discover the real causes and solutions. I then developed a T.I.M.E. score – A benchmarking tool against other twenty-somethings to see how they measure on identity, meaning and esteem.


TwentysomeoneAfter my life-coach training, two years ago, I started addressing large groups of up to 110 in their twenties and it grew from there. 

To date, we’ve had 3000 young people come through our free Discover Your Direction talk, which helps them find meaning and purpose in what they do.

Those we’ve coached have founded startups, secured 6 figure funding, got out of depression, been promoted and found love. It all starts from within. 

Why The Interest In Entrepreneurship

It is the best way for me to share the message that your twenties matter, and there is a new way to approach them in this very information-heavy world.


It was a risk, but after a huge number of young people coming through our DYD experience, the T.I.M.E. score reaching four continents, and our Instagram community approaching the 1000 mark, I felt motivated to give more and reach more people.

TwentySomeone – Sam’s book on ‘The Rise of the TwentySomeone’ will be out in late May 2016. 

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