The Serious Art of Being Funny II – a collection of original satirical drawings depicting the British social scene by Sue Macartney Snape – The Telegraph Magazine’s ‘Social Stereotype’ column illustrator. 

Sue Macartney Snape is an award-winning artist and has been illustrating the Saturday Telegraph magazine’s ‘Social Stereotypes’ column for over 14 years.

Known for capturing the British day to day lives in a quirky, humorous tone – her collections reveals ‘the hideous and glorious nature of English eccentricities’.

Nine books of her original stereotypes have been published since 1994 and her limited edition prints, acclaimed as the ‘Wodehouse of art’, have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide, and even earned her a reputation as a ‘master of caricature’ according to Travel writer and tv personality John Julius Norwich.

The Serious Art of Being Funny II exhibition is currently on at Panter & Hall at Pall Mall, London and it is open till the 29th November 2019.

In the meantime, check out some of the drawings below and feel free to indulge your artsy senses comfortably from your screen:




Images Copyright – courtesy of Sue Macartney Snape

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