Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Influence of Technology on Creativity and Art

The use of Artificial Intelligence goes beyond just automated tasks – How can we prepare for the fourth industrial revolution when AI meets Creativity and Art? Although the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, a recent report shows that the technology could add an additional £630bn to the UK economy by 2035. Last […]

Kofi Annan Foundation and One Young World

Kofi Annan Foundation and One Young World: Countering Violent Extremism

The Kofi Annan Foundation and One Young World are searching for 10 young leaders who have taken action countering violent extremism. Jointly powered by the Kofi Annan Foundation, the European Commission and One Young World, the initiative aims to empower young people to prevent and counter extremism through peer-to-peer engagement and learning. The programme will give 10 young people the opportunity to raise awareness […]