Loneliness - entrepreneurship

The loneliness that comes with entrepreneurship

The journey to entrepreneurship is an all-encompassing one requiring tenacious drive, vision, energy, and enthusiasm. However, a journey in need of such solo dedication can be seriously isolating and is why entrepreneurship leaves many founders and freelancers lonely. What’s more, young entrepreneurs have the added weight of experiencing this in the midst of a loneliness […]

Coronavirus Outbreak(1)

Coronavirus Outbreak: “I can’t work from home and most of my family can’t because we all work in the care sector.”

What the #COVID19 outbreak is teaching us is simply how the workers classed as ‘low skilled’ by the government are now the real ‘Most Valuable Players’ (MVPs) crucial to keeping the economy running – Coronavirus. As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates and millions of Britons are told to isolate themselves in their homes, Shannon Summerfield in […]

Networking Events - ERIC Festival-2-2

The 5 Networking events ‘led by young people’ to jumpstart your Media and Creative career

These networking events – created by young people – should be on your new-year-new-me list if you are looking to kickstart your career within the media and creative sector. With research figures showing the UK’s creative sector contributing more than £100 billion per year to the economy and employing around 2 million people, there is […]

Small Businesses – Take Control Of When You Get Paid

Cash-flow is incredibly important for a startup, small business, freelancer or a sole-trader. Achieving growth without good cash-flow is a task that would tax even the most canny entrepreneur.  It allows the bills and wages to be paid and the business to survive during the sticky periods that any emerging business will face. Cash-flow also […]

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Freelancers On Demand – Scott Owens

Scott Owens’ Freelancers On Demand targets Britain’s shortage of skilled workers by connecting freelancers directly to clients with no charges to the freelancers.  Freelancers On Demand focus on knowledge service areas of the industry like Design, Marketing, Arts and Accountancy. The 31 year old, from North Lincolnshire, decided to freelance because it made him feel in control of […]


Use Freelancers To Grow Your Business

Freelancers are the backbone of British business – Small independent businesses and limited companies provide the skills to keep British business growing. They provide specialist knowledge and skills with low overhead costs. Freelancing is a relatively new concept in the UK, but one which is growing rapidly. Many highly experienced experts have realised that this is […]

Co-Working Space TechHub London

Join a Start-Up Hub/Co-Working Space

Are you freelancing or starting your own business – Ever heard of a ‘Co-Working Space’ or ‘Start-Up Hub’? These spaces/hubs offers you the opportunity to expand your skills and grow your network: finding potential clients, meeting future colleagues or even creating your own circle of entrepreneurial friends. You’ll have to pay a membership fee for some services but […]