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Scott Owens’ Freelancers On Demand targets Britain’s shortage of skilled workers by connecting freelancers directly to clients with no charges to the freelancers. 

Freelancers On Demand focus on knowledge service areas of the industry like Design, Marketing, Arts and Accountancy.

The 31 year old, from North Lincolnshire, decided to freelance because it made him feel in control of his destiny and doesn’t agree that working for a large organisation gives job security.

“I’ve always had a burning desire to be self-employed”

“For me, self-employment equalled success. However, after graduating with a degree in Social Science from Manchester Metropolitan University, my future looked more likely to be working in local government.

I wanted to develop marketable skills that I could one day turn into a business.

So, after working in a full time market research role for five years, I started moonlighting as a freelancer in the evenings and weekends to supplement my income.

This was around the time of the recession and economic downturn and the company I was working for had made a lot of redundancies.

Although I kept my job, it became very hard to progress my career and get promoted.

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I enjoyed freelancing so much that I eventually quit my full-time job to concentrate on freelancing full-time because I’ve always had a burning desire to be self-employed.

With my background in market research, I started providing survey design and analysis services using freelancing websites to win jobs and work with clients all over the world including Australia, the Middle East and USA.

As my client portfolio grew, I reached out to other freelancers to help me manage peaks and troughs in workload and also offered complementary services like graphic design, translation and advanced analysis.

Some of my clients were so impressed with the freelancers they then subcontracted their services from me to work on specialist projects. 

This gave me the vision and inspiration to launch Freelancers On Demand.

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Freelancers On Demand is an agency managed service which matches the talent requirements of modern business with our network of highly skilled, remote freelance professionals.

We ask prospective clients to fill out a short briefing form which details their budget, time-scales, the skills and experience they are looking for in a freelancer.

We then match their requirements with our network of freelancers, who have already been interviewed and vetted.

We send the client a selection of freelancer profiles and arrange an initial ‘getting to know you’ call between the client and their preferred freelancer.

Scott Owens
Scott Owens

Once the client is happy we set the project up and the freelancer manages the project from here. There are no upfront fees so we either simply agree an hourly rate or a fixed price for completion of the project.

As part of the process we also provide guidance to freelancers on effective client management, including communication, project management and brief templates.

We regularly follow up during the process to check everything is going well. 

“Emotionally, it was initially a sense of euphoria of being self-employed”

I always had a burning desire to be self-employed. My Dad ran his own business for 20 years and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Emotionally, it was initially a sense of euphoria of being self-employed and a lot of thoughts went through my mind.

Sometimes, when I’m struggling to get job request or when a client cancels, it can feel like the world is going to end and I think that maybe I have to go back and get a full-time job. 

It’s very hard to get clients but once you get them, try and sell them as much as you can especially if you’re only offering one product/service – It’s only so much you can offer.

This will help you expand your business.”

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