My Startup Story - photo gallery

My Startup Story Photo Gallery……..Annnnnndddd it’s the 4 week countdown!

My Startup Story photo gallery flashback – giving young founders the platform to share and empower us with their startup stories. The next group of young founders will be sharing tips on how to turn your business dreams into reality, and they will also be discussing their startup stories on diversity, mental health, sharing economy, and […]

Make A Change

Four Short Ways To Talk About Change In Your Business And Get A Positive Response

The beauty of being in charge is knowing firsthand how your business is performing and when a change needs to happen to make it perform better. Change is inevitable and those you lead would not always feel the same way. You need your team’s involvement to make these changes work in the long run so […]


New Year Resolutions: Refresh Them To See Business Growth

Click image to start gallery Entrepreneurs need to refresh their New Year resolutions to see business growth and stay ahead of competitors. The start of the New Year is always inspiring with new set goals but many small businesses fail to reach these dreams. It is important for businesses to remain positive right through the year even when […]