The beauty of being in charge is knowing firsthand how your business is performing and when a change needs to happen to make it perform better.

Change is inevitable and those you lead would not always feel the same way.

You need your team’s involvement to make these changes work in the long run so it’s important to keep them informed and let them have their say.

So, how do you talk about these changes and get a positive response –

Be the inspiration to change

You can inspire people to take action if you start off with explaining ‘Why the need for change and connecting it to a higher purpose.

When talking about the ‘Why’, you need to be really clear about its purpose and how the team can work together to make the change a success beyond just making a profit.

Address the elephant in the room

When discussing an upcoming business transformation, one of the most common mistakes to avoid is not to address your team’s concerns.

Your people may feel threatened, overwhelmed or even try to block the change from happening in the hope that it would go away.

If you want to be heard at all, you need to help your team understand what these changes mean for their jobs and how it affects their livelihood.

Clarity & Consistency

When communicating about the changes taking place within your business, there is a risk that the information could be misinterpreted by your staff and turn into pseudo-facts.

The fact is, telling people once is not enough. Your team is faced with huge volumes of information on a daily basis and only a fraction of that is what you share internally.

You can avert this by using all the available channels to keep talking to your team on a consistent basis.

Be quick to listen

Business leaders get nervous when talking about change and that’s not surprising – It is an unpredictable creative thing.

Learn to accept that you’re not in full control and focus on the reasons for making the business adjustment, and how it would affect your team.

The only way to be successful in transforming your organisation as a whole is to keep listening and communicating with your team.

Post By – Jean Gamester, founder, Semaphora.

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