Will You Go Out On A Data With A Robot?

Human-machine romance may soon become reality as a quarter of young people in the UK say they would happily date a robot. Survey found that 26% of young adults would date a robot provided it looks like a real human being. ComRes and Nesta worked together to interview 1,000 young people, aged 18-34, on the possibility of an […]

Innovate UK Offering £30,000 for Digital Ideas

Innovate UK Offering £30,000 for Digital Ideas In The Sharing Economy

Innovate UK are offering £30,000 to 6 businesses each to develop digital ideas to help people to share their assets and skills. The funding competition is looking to encourage innovation in the sharing economy, which uses online technology to help people share assets, resources, time and skills. The themes for the competition are: – Trust | Tourism and Travel | […]

Crowdfunding - Do's and Don'ts

Crowdfunding – Do’s and Don’ts

With the crowdfunding market growth currently sitting at £4.4bn in 2015 alone, according to research by innovation charity Nesta – Now is a good time to know the do’s and don’ts. Some of the general myths about crowdfunding are along the lines of: “Someone is going to steal my idea” or “All I have to do is list my business and […]