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Our round-up of newly launched technology products targeted at helping us manage our busy digital lives – Whether protecting our smart devices or engaging us more.


Trackable Smart Wallets By TrackR And Ekster


TrackR – a California-based creator of intelligent tracking devices and software applications – recently announced their partnership with Ekster to create the smallest, smartest trackable and secure RFID-blocking wallets.

The new smart wallets integrates TrackR technology to prevent wireless theft by using a two-way ringing, custom separation alerts and Crowd GPS network to recover lost or misplaced wallets beyond a Bluetooth range.

“The Works with TrackR platform is a big step towards no longer having to attempt to remember where items are, but having computers remember where every item is located for us,” says TrackR CEO, Chris Herbert.

Stated! – The Quote-Sharing App


Stated! is a brand new social media platform allowing users to create and share their favourite quotes using imagery, filters and typefaces of their choice.

The Apple app, launched on 1st June, operates as a fully-fledged social platform focused on making the act of sharing relevant quotes more engaging.

Its features includes user profiles, hashtags, trending topics, location tagging and one-click integration with major social platforms such as the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Ryan Prentice, co-founder of Stated! said: “Whilst current applications offer the ability to create nice combinations of quotes and imagery, there was nothing out there that gave users a seamless social experience that let them easily discover and share quotes on every topic imaginable.”

BELO – Laptop/Computer Case By KnoGno


Recently launched BELO is a laptop computer case revolutionising the ergonomics of using your laptop while resting on your body or on a desktop. 

The non-slip case aims to improve people’s body posture while using their laptops either on the train or on the sofa.

Dr Simon Jones, creator and co-founder of KnoGno, said: “Modern mobile working practices are predominantly laptop based and many of us take our laptops and work with them everywhere from the sofa, to the airport gate, to the park bench, to the train table. We experienced and saw in countless others all the poor posture we employ when using laptops. We decided to address the problem and realised no-one wanted another gadget in their bag so why not combine a case and support.”

Screen by Gourmet Pixel


Screen app helps Netflix-lovers search, preview trailers and personalise their Netflix UK content straight from their iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Gourmet Pixel, a leading app development and design studio, created Screen with focus on user experience – features includes alerts for new content, saved movies and shows viewed by genre and owners of iPhone 6S or 6S Plus using 3D touch to “preview” trailers. 

Released late March in the UK, Screen already has plans to increase its current offerings and target other countries.

“Screen is a powerful and sophisticated platform with the ability to extend to other content platforms,” said Darren Lynch, Co-Founder, Gourmet Pixel. “We developed Screen for UK Netflix content as we saw a need to tailor and discard content that is or isn’t of interest to the individual, cutting the time spent searching, with the added ability to build an ongoing profile of relevant content to the user.”

IoT Scanner – BullGuard


BullGuard’s Internet of Things Scanner checks and reveals smart devices that could be vulnerable to hackers.

The free tool uses data from, a search engine for internet connected devices, to scan for vulnerable smart devices or network such as security cameras, baby monitors, Smart TVs and wearables.

If a threat is found, an email report of the scan is sent to the owner to help identify security steps to take.

“The Internet of Things has moved rapidly from an early adopter market into the mainstream, but in doing so has introduced a range of new security concerns for consumers,” said Paul Lipman, CEO, BullGuard.“ We’ve made an important first step towards addressing these issues with IoT Scanner, a tool that allows anyone to check if smart devices in their home are secure.”

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