New Year Resolutions: Refresh Them To See Business Growth

Click image to start gallery Entrepreneurs need to refresh their New Year resolutions to see business growth and stay ahead of competitors. The start of the New Year is always inspiring with new set goals but many small businesses fail to reach these dreams. It is important for businesses to remain positive right through the year even when […]

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Universities Supporting Student Entrepreneurship

Click image to start gallery 80,000 University students are either planning to or running their own business whilst studying for their degrees. The research, from Santander Universities UK, revealed that around a quarter of these students were also looking to continue their business ventures after graduation. Universities are often the first place for top companies to attract potential talents into their […] Sudds/a-good-time-to-start-something

Business Incubator Programs for Start-ups

Click image to start gallery: A Business Incubator is an organisation designed to help entrepreneurs expand through different supportive services.  These facilities includes funding, office space, finance management, networking links and skills training workshops. Business Incubator programs, which helps both new and start-ups, are sometimes sponsored by Government bodies, Private companies and Universities. Entry is by admission and each program has it’s own criteria.  […]

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Attend These Events During The Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Global Entrepreneurship Week starts this week and it aims to inspire the next generation to launch their own business. This year’s theme is ‘Make It Happen’. We’ve compiled a couple of activities that you can sign up to attend from networking events to speed mentoring. Be ready to #GEWmakeit   Global Entrepreneurship Week