7 Things To Do Before Giving A Speech

Preparation and practice are crucial when it comes to delivering a speech or presentation.

Public speaking is not about the speaker giving a wonderful performance.  It’s about making sure that the audience understands your message and remembers it long after you have spoken. 

Having a well prepared speech or presentation helps your confidence, steadies your nerves and allows you to focus on the audience.

Successful speakers always plan and rehearse their presentations as far in advance as possible – They never leave anything to chance.

So, what do you need to do to prepare?

Check out these 7 quick pointers to help you practice to perfection:


1. Don’t start your presentation until you know what your message is. Trim it into one short sentence and keep it relevant.

2. Find a method that can help you deliver your speech effectively and make it worth remembering. This can either be a Spider diagram, Mind map or Bullet points. 

3. Research..Research…and more research – Gather your information beforehand.

4. Either fully write your speech out on a paper or a screen…what ever suits you…or you can use small speech cards with short headings.

5. Practice…Practice…until you can vocalise your presentation without a pause. This would give you the opportunity to focus on connecting with the audience.

6. Read out your speech several times and record yourself. Ask yourself – Does it sound natural and conversational or formal and stilted? Am I using words that I would normally use in conversation or am I giving a lecture? 

7. Find a trusted friend or a family member and rehearse your speech to them. Getting feedback from others can be insightful.  

Post by Moira Beaton, Toastmasters Internationals – a non-profit educational organisation teaching public speaking and leadership skills.