Prepare Your Speech Like A Tasty Three-Course Meal

A great speech is like a great meal – It should be enjoyed by both the speaker (chef) and the audience (diners), and be remembered long after the feast. Like a good waiter, one would wish to deliver a speech with panache. Just like cooking a three-course meal, the key to a successful speech is […]


7 Things To Do Before Giving A Speech

Preparation and practice are crucial when it comes to delivering a speech or presentation. Public speaking is not about the speaker giving a wonderful performance.  It’s about making sure that the audience understands your message and remembers it long after you have spoken.  Having a well prepared speech or presentation helps your confidence, steadies your nerves […]

Fear of Public Speaking - clem-onojeghuo

How To Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Entrepreneurs looking for investors will need to sharpen their public speaking skills – It is natural to fear situations where your innovative idea will be judged. The thought of speaking in public can make you nervous and your product pitching less effective even before you hit the stage. You need to learn how to sell your […]