WATCH: Our Top-Pick Of Inspirational TED Talks Videos

We believe you can never have too much inspirational words to help you handle the business challenges that you might face this week.

With that in mind, we’ve selected our top 3 motivational TED Talk videos to help kickstart this new month. 

Our chosen topics focus on how to build a successful business in these modern times:

Speaker: Martin Reeves is the Director of the BCG Henderson Institute – a think tank for new ideas in strategy and management. 

Topic: How To Build A Business That Lasts 100 Years – Martin explores how business owners/executives can build resilient companies to flourish in an ever-changing world.

Date: August 2016.

Speaker: Leila Hoteit is a partner and managing director at BCG – has over 13 years in the management consulting industry and also named Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum in 2014.

Topic: 3 Lessons On Success From An Arab Businesswoman – Leila talks about tenacity, competition, priorities and progress.

Date: July 2016.

Speaker: Bill Gross is the founder and CEO of Idealab – a business incubator focused on new ideas. He also created Snap, which is a search allowing users to preview hyperlinks.

Topic: The Single Biggest Reasons Why Startups Succeed – Find out what Bill discovered about the main factor separating successful startups from those who failed.

Date: June 2015.

Videos Courtesy: TED Talks