My Startup Story
Queen Ilebode, Founder, I Am New Generation Magazine

We need young founders sharing their business stories because the power to inspiring others and birthing new ideas is to actually become the very inspiration that others need. 

This is my second blog post for the magazine and I’m super proud of My Startup Story as an event platform for young entrepreneurs to share their stories of developing their business.

Due to my shyness, I hesitate to publish any personal posts but I now realise that it’s necessary for me to come out of my comfort zone.

What inspired me to create My Startup Story event?

Just to give a short insight into my own entrepreneurial journey, the idea that launched my media publishing business in 2014 I Am New Generation Ltd (Magazine) came to me during the 2008 UK financial crisis where a million of young people found themselves out of work.

As the number of these 16-30-year-olds struggled to secure employment, their own shortcomings actually spurned an innovative mood among them and youth entrepreneurship became a means to an end.

I became frustrated with the lack of media attention on this sudden wave of young people seeking entrepreneurship as an alternative way of making a living.

I also struggled, as a graduate journalist, to secure permanent employment.

This, in turn, then inspired me to create a youth-focused magazine giving young people the platform to highlight and celebrate their innovative business ideas.

This same inspiration also led to the birth of My Startup Story event because we all have beautiful stories to tell.

My Startup Story - I Am New Generation Magazine
My Startup Story event – June and November 2018 – #mystartupstoryuk

Stories of us venturing beyond our comfort zone and achieving our full potential.

My Startup Story gives inspirational young founders the platform to share their entrepreneurial journey, which in turn creates the right environment for the next generation of business leaders to feel more secure in sharing and learning from the experience of others.

So, why do we need young founders sharing their business stories?

I became an entrepreneur because I was inspired by the stories of other young people who launched their own businesses in the midst of the chaotic mess caused by the 2008 UK financial meltdown.

I believe you’re never too young to share your experience, and never too old to learn.

Whatever your business interest or age, you’re welcome to attend My Startup Story and join us in celebrating the achievements of innovative young entrepreneurs, who turned their business dreams into reality.

Images for I Am New Generation Magazine – Marina Pires (Photographer) / Chloe Kwamin (photographer)

Updated – 6th April 2019 

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