The accelerated effects of climate change coupled with the current viral outbreak and the displacement of people have turned the world’s axis on its head. #evoiamnewgen represents the next generation of leaders solving their country’s socio-economic problems and fast-tracking its growth towards being self-sufficient.

Inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), #evoiamnewgen is a global-focused journalism project spotlighting young people, under 35, actively creating permanent self – sustainable developmental changes within their communities.

These future leaders, as identified by I Am New Generation Magazine, are the key catalyst for a positive shift within the society, as they embrace the non-conventional route to drive forward their country’s socio-economical changes and make a difference as one voice.

The initial launch of the #evoiamnewgen project will be primarily focused on Africa and Asia-Pacific, as they usually receive nuanced reporting of their developmental activities.

The year 2021 will see the #evoiamnewgen coverage expanded to other countries around the world.

I Am New Generation Magazine is an online lifestyle publication focused on celebrating inspirational young business owners and professionals under 35.

The #evoiamnewgen project is aimed at reflecting the ongoing changes in our society and our reader’s continued interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

We believe this is the right opportunity to find and tell the stories of those making an impact and empowering their communities to take charge and accelerate the restoration of their country’s development.

Image Copyright – I Am New Generation Magazine


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