Waalflower - wireless wall mounted charger

Editorial Tech Spotlight On ‘Waalflower’ – A wall mounted wireless charger for tablets

Waalflower is on a wireless mission to make charging your smart devices at home look elegantly stylish and economical at the same time. The wall mounted wireless charger is all about keeping your tablet powered at all times while making it accessible and inexpensive. One part of the hardware sees the product dock easily attach to […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Influence of Technology on Creativity and Art

The use of Artificial Intelligence goes beyond just automated tasks – How can we prepare for the fourth industrial revolution when AI meets Creativity and Art? Although the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, a recent report shows that the technology could add an additional £630bn to the UK economy by 2035. Last […]

Launching your own business

CEO Rune Sovndahl Advice On Launching Your Own Business – Entrepreneurial Spirit And Technology

Founder of the £28m domestic lifestyle app ‘GoFantastic’ Rune Sovndahl, shares his tips on spotting a gap in the industry and launching your own business. I started Fantastic Services in 2009 after a chance meeting, at a party, with my business partner Anton Skarlatov who already had a cleaning business of a similar style. At the time, […]

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover Launches New Technology Start-Up

InMotion is the newly launched tech startup by Jaguar Land Rover targeting travel and transport issues. Jaguar Land Rover is the UK’s largest premium automotive manufacturing business, built around two iconic British car brands – Land Rover and Jaguar. InMotion will allow JLR to step into a different territory, bringing new experiences to its customers and furthering its […]

Share My Trip

Editorial Tech Spotlight – Share My Trip App By Navmii

A new feature helping you to share your trip details with anyone in your contact list has been launched by Navmii. The Share My Trip feature aims to remove the need for your loved ones asking “where are you?” and stop the unforeseen time-keeping issues. Users simply select who they want to share their travel details with, […]