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Growing Trend For Green Living With 9 Out Of 10 Millennials

One major global market trend that has risen to prevalence in the last few years is the changing attitude consumers have towards the environment and sustainable living. In fact, in the 2015 survey by Cone Communications it was discovered that 9 out of 10 millennials would switch brands to one associated with social or environmental issues.

Business success is defined differently by individual companies. Author of My Start-Up Life, Ben Casnocha explains that, to him, “success means happiness”.

Though, whatever your definition of business success is, it’s likely it won’t be achieved if your company is not staying ahead of market trends.

Knowing market trends helps your business make the necessary changes before your competitors do allowing your business to grow successfully.

Failing to keep up with these consumer demands could mean your company is at risk losing customers to competitors who have a transparent sustainable strategy. One simple, low cost method small businesses can employ to become more eco-friendly is to tackle their current packaging strategy.

With this in mind, what can your company do to ensure steps are being made to conform to the wants and needs of your audience?

Eco-friendly Packaging


A great way for start-ups to take steps into sustainability is to utilise biodegradable packaging in their distribution. Thanks to technological innovation biodegradable alternatives, these new way of packaging would not decay or leach toxins into the earth over a long period of time.

Also, your products will still be safe and secure without the company causing any environmental problems.

Reduce Waste


The EU wants 75% of all packaging waste to be recycled by 2030, but rather than adding recyclable materials to your current strategy, why not consider whether you need the materials at all?

Your customers are busy people and they drive your business. When a product arrives from your company they don’t want to be inconvenienced with the task of recycling scores of unnecessary packaging. When you over-pack your goods you may be at risk of losing customers to competitors who pack in a more sustainable way.

By reducing packaging whilst also ensuring maximum protection you are not only creating positive environmental impact, but reducing the amount your small business spends.

Shout Your Sustainability


Incorporating sustainability into your strategy is not just ideal for the environment, but it’s also great PR for your business.

Marketing you commitment to green-living on your website will encourage new customers to engage with your brand, not only because of your commitment to the environment but these public statements subconsciously tells visitors you have a long term plan, which increases trust in your brand.

By showing you care about the same things your audience does, you will create personal connections and evoke emotions which encourage your audience to become advocates of your company.

Shifting attitudes to environmental issues increase each year. Is your company doing all it can to ensure you are keeping ahead of this trend and capturing new customers thanks to a sustainable strategy?

Suzanne Vallance from Glasgow, Scotland is a writer for the packaging and branding industry. She uses her knowledge to assist start-ups and small businesses with their sustainable business strategies. Currently, she writes for Ferrari Packaging Ltd.