Money isn’t what makes something great. It’s what makes it scalable and accessible – My Startup Story Business Tips.

My Startup Story event is the place for inspirational young entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial stories and inspire the next generation of business leaders.

The second #mystartupstoryuk event took place on Thursday 15th November at WeWork South Bank, during the 2018 Global Entrepreneurship Week, and the event message was supported by WeWork, JEDA Energy and New Entrepreneurs Foundation.

Founders of OOZE Drinks (Giuseppe Baidoo), The 888 Collective (Jana Dowling) and Room For help (Stephanie Rolando) discussed how they started their business and shared their stories on Imposter Syndrome, Handling criticisms, Stepping out of your comfort zone, The Startup Ecosystem, and Diversity.

The three main objectives of the event were –

  1. Empowering others – whether young or old;
  2. To be seen as a leader – inspiring others to kickstart or develop their own enterprise;
  3. To be a form of support for others to venture beyond their comfort zone and achieve their full potential.

Here’s a little snippet of how the evening unfolded: more business tips videos to come.

Discussing ‘mental health, diversity, and the startup ecosystem’.



Discussing the ‘Realities of being an entrepreneur, Investments and Choosing the right time to scale up’.


Images Copyright: I Am New Generation Magazine / Marina Pires (Photographer) / Chloe Kwamin (photographer).

Updated – 16th May 2019

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